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A special housing situation for Santa Barbara City College students provided by 415 West SBCC, a private student housing company

How is 415 West SBCC different than other housing options?

When searching for student housing at Santa Barbara City College, most people ask about 1) the distance from SBCC, 2) the quality of the space, 3) the student environment, and 4) the cost. Many parents and students choose 415 West for these four reasons. We are located just two blocks away from the steps to campus, near the bottom of Cliff Drive, two blocks from the Santa Cruz market and four blocks from the beach. The rooms are well-sized in large, fully-furnished condos, and the cost is less than Tropicana Gardens and Beach City.

If you need a break from the party scene or the three or four-to-a-room crammed apartments out there, 415 West is right for you. It's a place for students who need to be able to study and not have to go to the library to get some peace and quiet. Everything you need is here--your own bed, desk, dresser, common area furniture, TV, printer, dishes, washer and dryer, fast wireless internet and a two block walk to campus! We welcome students from all over the US and even a few from Europe and South America from time to time.

We carefully screen applicants to make sure that everyone has the same expectation for living in a non-party, non-smoking, and drug-free environment. Each condo is either all girls or all boys.  If you are seeking the best environment for yourself or your Santa Barbara City College student, give me a call or send me an email.


Cordelia Hasbrouck
415 West

Our Mission

SBCC Housing room

Our Mission is simple:
To provide a great living environment close to SBCC with fewer distractions and a better chance for success.

Living at SBCC is a big step in independence, but distractions can get in the way. At 415 West, we provide a home away from home for Santa Barbara City College students where they can have everything they need, be close to campus and be away from the party scene.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the financial requirements to qualify?

Your parent or other "guarantor" (co-signer) of your lease needs a credit score of at least 675 and be a working parent with a steady job. If your parents or guarantor lives outside of the USA, the rent must be paid six months at a time.

Do I have to be an SBCC student to live here?

Yes, you must be an SBCC student in your first or second year.

What are the prices of the rooms?

The shared master bedroom (13 x 12) for two people is $1050 per person. The single private room (11 x 12) with shared bathroom is $1575. The downstairs room (11 x 12) with private bathroom is $950 per person if shared or $1900 if private. All Fall semester contracts are nearly 12 months and sometimes, Spring (January) rooms are available.

How can I reserve a room?

Please fill out the information request form on the Contact page and you will be contacted. Parents: your son or daughter will sign the lease but you (or other guarantor/co-signer of the lease) will need to have your credit reviewed with our Experian Landlord Connect program ($16 fee). Students must be interviewed over the phone prior to parental credit checks. After a credit check and conversation with student and parent, a determination will be made if you are accepted and a room may be reserved.

How do I apply and qualify and how much money do I need to sign a lease?

Your qualification will be based on your acceptance and understanding that you wish to live in a non-party, non-smoking, and drug-free place and agree to abide by those rules. Your parent or other person must qualify financially as the guarantor of the lease (like a co-signer) with a credit score of 675 or better. If you are an international student, you will need to pay six months in advance. Once you have been accepted, you will need to pay a deposit which will be equal to two month's rent. You will also need to pay your first month's rent. There is also a one-time cleaning fee of $250 and there is a per semester fee of $75 for common supplies (like toilet and paper towels, cleaning supplies, laundry and dishwasher soap, etc.)

Can I rent a single and share it with my friend?

No, a single room is for one person only.

How long is the lease and do I have to get other people to join me?

You sign a lease for your own room or your space in a shared room and you do not need anyone else to join you. Your lease will be nearly 12 months with move-in the Saturday before school begins and move-out the Monday after the last summer session ends. However, if you arrive in Spring semester, your lease term will be less than 12 months (but you will still have a a move-out date the day after the last summer session ends).

Are utilities included?

Yes, these are the utilties that are included as part of your rent: Gas, electricity, sewer, garbage, high speed WiFi (up to 50 Mb) and water (up to $325 per unit per month).

Is there a kitchen, a living room and laundry facilities?

Yes, yes, and yes! There's a free washer and dryer, an extra, full-sized stand-up freezer, a laser printer, high-speed wireless internet and all the kitchen appliances and items you need for cooking, baking and eating (except the food, of course).

Are these condos co-ed (mixed with guys and girls) in the same units?

No, each unit is either all guys or all girls.

Do I need any furniture or kitchen items?

No, all furniture is supplied and the kitchen has everything you need to cook and eat. There is even a Keurig coffee maker, rice cooker, Crock Pot (slow cooker), blender, toaster, microwave, stove, oven and an extra stand-up freezer.

Where do I do my laundry?

The washer and dryer are inside the condo and free. Laundry detergent (and soft water) are also included.

Will I need a car at 415 West?

No, you won't need a car unless you have a job far away. The SBCC campus is two short blocks away so you will walk to school (bikes are not allowed on campus). The Santa Cruz market is a block away. The Amtrak (railway) train station is four blocks away. The bus that goes to State Street is a block away.  You can ride your bike eight blocks to State Street and you can easily use Uber to go anywhere. If you must bring a car, a reserved parking space may be added to your contract for $150 per month, or an unreserved space for $50 per month. These spaces are very limited (one reserved and one unreserved spot per condo). 

Can I stay in my room over academic breaks like Thanksgiving, Winter or Spring Break?

Your room must only be vacated during most of Winter break to allow for deep cleaning.  

Can we get a weekly cleaning service?

Yes, you can make that decision with your roommates. There are several cleaning services in Santa Barbara.

Do I need to buy renter's insurance?

YES. It is not required but highly recommended. Renter's insurance pays you for loss of your personal items, like your bike, computer and other valuables. Let's say there is a flood and your computer gets ruined, or you have to move out for a week while repairs are being made. Renter's insurance can cover your housing expense and it is not very expensive. Just google "Student Renter's Insurance" and you'll see that there are several companies that offer it. You may also be covered by your parents' existing insurance.

Can I smoke marijuana if I have a "Medical Marijuana" card?

No. Even though California has legalized marijuana, the US government has not done so and there is no smoking of any kind allowed and Federal Law is the only law followed in respect to illegal drug use. Any violation will result in immediate eviction.

How does this compare to Beach City or La Brezza?

Both Beach City and La Brezza are much smaller apartments (415 West is not an apartment building but condominiums). La Brezza (close by) features smaller two bedroom, one bathroom apartments (625 square feet) with two people per room for $750 per person (415 West is more than twice as large at 1266 square feet). You need to get three roommates together to rent it and one parent must sign the lease at La Brezza. It is not furnished and the kitchen is not outfitted and smoking is permitted. Beach City has "triples" with three students in one room, ranging from $750 to $850 per person and doubles for $1100 per person. The apartment complex is next to SBCC and it is best described on Yelp reviews which are written by mostly former student residents. If you are interested in a party experience, Beach City would be a better choice but you would be wise to read the Yelp reviews first. Both places have coin operated laundry (not in the units). If money is your only concern, both of these places have cheaper prices. .